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Stay cool

A world of new surfaces

Children need the freedom to let their imagination run wild. Our easy-to-clean surfaces can withstand a lot and make countless products more efficient.

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With us, you see
the world a little bit more clearly

A world of new surfaces

Our invisible protective coatings applied to transparent plastics make aircraft windows resistant to marks, allow for clearer vision through helmet visors and prevent visibility from being impaired by misting.

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Also suitable
for kitty cats

A world of new surfaces

Nanogate enhances your products and increases their value with coatings that are resistant to scratches – in cars, on furniture or in industry.

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greater scope
for creativity

A world of new surfaces

With innovative surface technologies, you can develop new material concepts and push the limits of design. With creativity and high tech, you can produce perfected classics, such as the Meister Chronometer made by Junghans.

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As if untouched

A world of new surfaces.

Making metal surfaces more efficient and developing new design concepts. No matter whether it’s providing protection from scratches, dirt or fingerprints – with a transparent, coloured or translucent coating: N-Metals!

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Energy efficiency
doesn't have to be a castle in the air

A world of new surfaces

Less fuel, but cosy warmth all the same; lower energy consumption, but clean air nonetheless – these aren’t just visions of the future. Nanogate systems play an active part in conserving resources and protecting the environment!

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Nanogate Awarded Key N-Metals Design Contract for EUR 15 Million in the U.S.


- Delivery of metallized plastic components

- U.S. project for in-demand SUV/pickup to start in summer 2020

- Work on first series production order for chrome replacement technology simultaneously started at Neunkirchen site

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Nanogate: Major order of EUR 35 million


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Career at Nanogate


A world full of career opportunities is waiting for you at a fast-growing company in a dynamic industry.

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