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Nanogate Receives Another Major Order for Approximately EUR 50 Million, Increasing Order Base to Over EUR 600 Million


- Supply of N-Glaze components to a leading global premium car manufacturer beginning in summer 2019
- Major order encompasses a volume of around EUR 50 million over a period of approximately seven years
- Order base increases to more than EUR 600 million for 2019 to 2021 alone


Göttelborn, Germany, April 4, 2019. Nanogate SE, a leading global technology company for design-oriented, multifunctional components and surfaces, is further increasing its order base. With a new major order placed by a premium vehicle manufacturer, the order base has been boosted to more than EUR 600 million based on the period 2019 to 2021 alone.

Ralf Zastrau, CEO of Nanogate SE: “Nanogate continues to experience high demand, so that our growth trajectory is sustained by an outstanding order base. With a volume of more than EUR 600 million in the coming years, we can gauge business development very accurately. The growing volume of business and our improved capacity utilization and increasing efficiency make us confident that we’ll reach our growth and EBITDA targets.”

Production for New Major Order Begins in Summer 2019

The new major order encompasses the production, enhancement and subsequent assembly of N-Glaze components to be used in the interior of a new premium vehicle. Implementation will take place at the Lüdenscheid and Kierspe sites. Nanogate also develops and produces the necessary production equipment to a certain extent.

High Level of Incoming Orders

Over the past twelve months, Nanogate has won many important orders, most notably the largest in company history, with a volume of up to USD 100 million. With this project, Nanogate will supply a renowned U.S. manufacturer with components for kitchen appliances beginning in 2019. The process involves the use of heat-resistant plastic, which is metallized with a stainless steel look in a process developed and integrated by Nanogate. Also in the area of N-Metals, Nanogate manufactures metallized plastic components for the best-selling vehicle in the U.S., with a volume of around EUR 15 million. Also in 2018, the Group received an order to develop and deliver design-oriented plastic components for a new electric car for a renowned German automobile manufacturer. And in February of this year, Nanogate reported a new major order for the U.S. site with a total volume of around EUR 50 million over a period of approximately six years. At its U.S. site, the Group manufactures and enhances N-Glaze plastic components in superior optical quality for the next generation of a popular off-road vehicle.


As a result, Nanogate currently has an order base amounting to more than EUR 600 million for the current and subsequent two years alone. The order base encompasses binding orders as well as volumes announced on the basis of framework contracts. In each case, these are triggered at short notice during the contract period, when customers call for them at the agreed prices. It also includes orders placed by regular customers, whose placement of orders can be predicted based on past experience or whom Nanogate supplies in ongoing series productions.