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Dividend of EUR 0.11 Approved


Göttelborn/Saarbrücken, Germany, June 26, 2019. Today, the shareholders’ meeting of Nanogate SE, a leading global specialist for design-oriented high-tech surfaces and components, approved several draft resolutions with a large majority.

In accordance with the proposal of the administration, the shareholders approved an unchanged dividend of EUR 0.11 per share. In addition, the shareholders’ meeting agreed to further items on the agenda, including profit transfer agreements with the subsidiaries Nanogate Goletz Systems GmbH and Nanogate Management Services GmbH.

With broad approval, Martin Hendricks was voted onto the Supervisory Board. This follows his appointment by the Saarbrücken district court in February as the successor to former member of the Supervisory Board Hartmut Gottschild. In its subsequent meeting, the Supervisory Board appointed Klaus-Günter Vennemann as the new Chairman and Martin Hendricks as his deputy. Oliver Schumann (prior Chairman), Dr. Farsin Yadegardjam (prior Deputy Chairman), Dr. Clemens Doppler and Dr. Peter Merten complete the Supervisory Board.