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A world of new surfaces

Scratchproof, multifunctional surfaces and plastics for long-lasting, market-leading products

Plastics are increasingly replacing traditional materials such as glass and metal. Many vehicle components are already made of synthetic materials such as polycarbonate (PC) or PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate). Their flexible properties make it possible to create amazing new designs with surfaces that are simultaneously chemically stable and protected against UV radiation. But a thing of beauty is only a joy as long as it stays beautiful. Plastics can certainly be used flexibly and provide considerable weight savings, especially important in the automotive sector, but at the same time they are sensitive to scratches. Without a protective coating, wear and tear will soon spoil its appearance.

So it’s worthwhile entrusting your products to a surface specialist with many years of experience in developing scratchproof coatings and applying them in mass production.

They give conventional plastics a multifunctional, high-performance surface, which is much more than just a pretty face. And because not everything can be made of plastic, Nanogate also supplies companies with innovative, multifunctional, scratchproof coatings for light metals such as aluminium, for example.


Our N-Glaze®-Systems competency provides companies with comprehensive engineering know-how, leading technologies and mass production methods for the manufacture and enhancement of high-tech plastic components. We work closely with companies in our own centres of excellence on the development, production and enhancement of their components.

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World of surfaces

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