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With a technology portfolio which in many respects is at the forefront of international developments, we open up a new world of surfaces for your business.

process technologies

The successful path from material development and production through to the enhanced component ordered by the customer requires cost-effective and technologically sophisticated product and process integration. As an integrated systems provider the Nanogate Group can provide you with comprehensive service from the idea through to execution – one-stop shopping for high-performance surfaces.

The challenges lie in adapting low-cost, dependable process technologies with a high degree of automation. Thin layers with great durability have to be generated without significantly impairing the basic properties of the original surface. Furthermore, additional properties enhance the value or performance of the products by giving them a perfect gloss, greater resistance to chemicals or weather conditions, making them more scratchproof or easier to clean – just to mention a few of the possible options for multifunctional surfaces.

Nanogate has a comprehensive portfolio of wet chemical and PVD processes that enable the most diverse customer specifications to be put into mass production. The integrated material systems offer optimum, cost-effective implementation platforms for tailored customer solutions.

Our expertise in product and process engineering

  • Adapting low-cost, dependable process technologies
  • Taking existing customer-specific production environments into account
  • Using diverse process technologies based on wet-chemical processes, for instance
  • Adapting and developing customer-specific application processes
  • Mass production in our own, high-performance application centres

Nanogate has set quality standards in surface finishing that are unique in the industry thanks to our years of experience and high-quality equipment, such as robot-assisted production facilities in the clean area, patented special processes and injection moulding methods.


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