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With a technology portfolio which in many respects is at the forefront of international developments, we open up a new world of surfaces for your business.

serial production

Every day, automotive components, microwave door screens, casing parts, products for functional clothing and heat exchangers are given a new high-performance surface from the Nanogate Group. This adds up to millions of square metres that are coated with Nanogate systems – either in our application centres or on-site for those customers who have integrated the coating process directly into their own production line.

A broad technology portfolio with proprietary application processes (such as patented vapour deposition, flow and spraying methods and inkjet technology) is available for the enhancement of high-quality, complex three-dimensional components in optical quality.

Within the Group, the company’s application centre in Schwäbisch Gmünd uses inkjet technology that is unique in Europe. As with an inkjet printer, this technology makes it possible to apply selective coatings to transparent and opaque plastics without the need for templates.

Two high-performance production lines are available for enhancing two-dimensional components: one for thermally cured coatings and one for UV-cured coatings, plus a test plant. The facilities are fully automated, can each apply either single or double-sided coatings, and complete several enhancement processes in a single production step. Under the brand name N-Glaze®, Nanogate also offers integrated systems for the development and production of coated components made of transparent, coloured and brilliant plastics (glazing) in a separate centre of excellence with extensive mass-production capacities.

High-performance surfaces from Nanogate give your products a technological edge. They meet the highest quality standards, so that in recent years Nanogate has become established as a sought-after supplier for premium automotive manufacturers and has mass-produced cutting-edge technologies for respected makers of heating systems.


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