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Greater Scope for creativity

A world of new surfaces

Always ahead of the curve...

The Meister Chronometer from Junghans has a plastic lens whose unusual curvature gives the watch a particular aesthetic. The lens was coated using Nanogate GfO Systems’s technologically advanced inkjet technique - this is just one example of the many ways in which you can achieve new designs with high-performance surfaces. How to unite cost-effectiveness and ground-breaking creativity.

Multifunctional coatings and products from Nanogate give you the opportunity to transcend design limits, because plastics, metals or textiles can outperform their original functions with our enhanced applications.

Our system solutions offer new prospects for your market success, from lightweight automotive construction and the use of light metals in thermotechnology through to the development of new lifestyle products.


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Implementation expertise

Our coatings provide value retention, safety and more comfort.
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World of surfaces

With the help of the Nanogate-Technology® new materials do astonishing.
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