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Perfect Glazing


The special properties of N-Glaze components cannot be seen with the naked eye. What you might notice first are the extremely smooth surface and the unusually deep glaze.

N-Glaze offers technical innovation, efficiency and modular variety for:

  • Plastic products whose predecessors were made of glass or metal.
  • Plastic products that stand out from the crowd due to their low weight and flawless surface.
  • Plastic products that are setting new technological standards in the vehicle and furniture sectors as well as in industry, and also inspiring designers to achieve even greater things.

Perfect Functionality with Innovative Design

Glazed plastics can replace glass and metal in many applications. The N-Glaze brand combines flat and complex plastic components (2D and 3D) into one multifunctional and transparent or colored high-performance surface. Their design and weight advantages (up to 50 %) mean that components with glass-like properties (glazing) are used in particular in the automotive field, e.g. in panels with a high-gloss piano-black finish or as panes in special-purpose vehicles. These lightweight components also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
As a provider of premium products with the highest optical quality, numerous coatings are applied under clean room conditions. Depending on the surface system, the production sites use thermal curing, UV curing, room temperature curing or forced drying processes. Surface properties such as increased scratch resistance, Easy2Clean or special deep glaze ensure value preservation and improved weather resistance.
Special processing methods such as pad printing, laser etching, cutting and milling as well as thermal molding for special safety applications complement the N-Glaze product range, the result of Nanogate’s many years of plastics expertise.