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Perfect Glazing

High-Performance Centers of Excellence for Groundbreaking Products

Nanogate has been supporting companies for many years in designing, producing and enhancing optically high-quality plastic components. Comprehensive mass production capabilities with leading plant technology are available at several sites, from materials development for surface systems through to serial coating and production and enhancement of finished plastic components.
Whether polycarbonate, polymethylmethacrylate, SAN, ABS or fiberglass-reinforced plastics such as BMC, Nanogate gets more out of these materials through 1, 2 or 3-component injection molding with its N-Glaze systems expertise. Possible product options range from small switches for push buttons through to 2 x 3 m sheets and more complex components, such as U-covers.
As an innovation partner, Nanogate offers unique N-Glaze systems expertise:
  • Support and implementation from design phase to prototype
  • Tool manufacturing with detailed precision (maximum weight of 18,000 kg)
  • > 150 injection molding machines with a locking pressure of up to 1750 t
  • > 20 production lines for wet chemical coating
  • Special procedures for innovative plastic design parts
  • Integrated global component solutions
Different process technologies offer particularly high-quality coatings. For example, our inkjet technology allows selective coating without the use of templates, our modern flow-coat systems in a clean room environment meet the highest quality standards and flat spray technology facilitates particularly efficient and rapid implementation.